All information is deemed reliable and declassified as of this posting.  General Headquarter’s Staff has undergone a thorough vetting process guaranteeing the successful implementation of current stratagems.

raf duties patch

The Squadron Adjutant in charge of current site updates is a veteran of institutes of higher learning in the following cities:

Berkeley, California, USA  —  detached to duties in political and military history and sciences.

Santa Clara, California, USA  —  detached to substantive and procedural legal studies.

International deployments to 250 cities in 24 countries.

Furthermore, the Squadron Adjutant is also a First Degree black belt instructor in the art of American Kenpo Karate, AMA, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Any further enquiries should be placed in writing with the proper clearances, endorsements and encryption.  Per recent regulations, the mass dissemination of bumf bombs is no longer appropriate.  Please visit the SIGNALS station for properly encoded communiques.

chad tillamook

The Squadron Adjutant at Naval Air Station Tillamook, Oregon, in first patt TAD Gear stealth jacket. (See IFF for more details).

chad bader

Many years ago in the company of heroes. L to R: COLONEL ART JEFFREY, COLONEL JACK ILFREY, COLONEL HUB ZEMKE, the Squadron Adjutant, and GENERAL ROBIN OLDS.

After arriving in Europe, Arthur Jeffrey became the top-scoring P-38 Ace with the 479th Fighter Group, and later became the Group’s leading scorer after they converted to P-51’s. He went on to command the 434th Fighter Group. Arthur Jeffrey had the distinction of being the first pilot to shoot down the Luftwaffe’s jet-rocket aircraft – the Me-163. He flew 82 combat missions and was credited with 14 aerial victories.

Posted to North Africa with the 94th Fighter Group, Jack Ilfrey lost a belly tank transiting from England and force-landed at Lisbon. He avoided internment by conning some fuel and making an unauthorised take-off. He became one of the early P-38 Aces, and historians now say the very first P-38 Ace. Back in England in 1944 he commanded the 79th P-38 Squadron, 20th Fighter Group, at Kingscliffe, and ended his two-tour war with 8 victories.

Best known as leader of the legendary Zemke’s Wolfpack, Hub Zemke’s famous 56th Fighter Group was the top-scoring Fighter Group in the European Theater of Operations. Zemke pioneered the use of the P-38 ‘Droop Snoot’ as a bomb aiming aircraft which led the bomb-loaded P-47’s on to the target with great accuracy and success. He later commanded the 479th Fighter Group P-38’s. One of the outstanding fighter leaders of the war, Hub Zemke’s personal tally was 17 3/4 victories.

Brigadier General ROBIN OLDS
After leaving West Point, Robin Olds was posted to 479th Fighter Group in England. Flying P-38’s he was involved in heavy bomber escort duties and fighter sweeps, gaining 9 victories in the Lightning. He later commanded 434 Squadron flying P-51s and by the war end was credited with 24 victories, of which 13 were in the air. He later flew the F-4C Phantom (“SCAT XXVII”) in the Vietnam War gaining 4 aerial victories.