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Meet the 2017 FLASH SUITE Contest finalists

Welcome to reality. The Art of Throwing People Out Windows.

The FLASH SUITE Contest begins daily posting on Monday, Dec. 19th.  My entry entitled “TWAS BRILLIG” was inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll and takes place on the English Coast in late 1940.  My entry will post in multiple parts starting Dec. 26th.

Flash Suite entitled TWAS BRILLIG by Chad Ehler

The egg shaped glass gunner’s nose of the Luftwaffe HE-111.

Meet the finalists:

William R. Soldan received his BA in English Literature from Youngstown State University. He currently studies fiction and poetry in the Northeast Ohio MFA program and teaches English Composition at YSU. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of publications such as New World Writing, Thuglit, The Vignette Review, Kentucky Review, and Elm Leaves Journal, among others. He lives in Youngstown, Ohio, with his wife and son and some cat named Ringo.


Chad Ehler is a 20th century military historian and the son of a World War II US Marine. He studied national security and political science at UC Berkeley and constitutional law and jurisprudence at Santa Clara University. His latest novel, Battle for Glory, is set in England and France during the Battle of Britain, 1940, and was published in October 2016 by London-based Endeavour Press, Ltd. His other published fiction and non-fiction works appear on and You can find him on Twitter @ghqhomeforces, at or on Fidalgo Island, Washington.


Ingrid Jendrzejewski grew up in Vincennes, Indiana, studied creative writing at the University of Evansville, then physics at the University of Cambridge. Her work has found homes in places like Passages North, The Los Angeles Review, The Conium Review, The Mainichi, and The Liars’ League (London & NYC) and. Links to Ingrid’s work can be found and she occasionally tweets @LunchOnTuesday. When not writing, Ingrid enjoys cryptic crosswords, the python programming language and the game of Go.



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