PROJECT PACKAGE for Troops Abroad

 NOTE:  the following “Project PACKAGE” is a template available without copyright restriction. In 2011, we developed the program as a simple, cost effective way to get essential supplies to troops in the field.   Feel free to adopt the program by using the copy below:
A project to benefit those everyday heroes in harm’s way serving America’s interests far and wide across the globe.
PACKAGE means Patriotic Americans Contributing Kindness And Gratitude Everywhere
Mission Briefing
Overview: To express thanks to our American active duty service personnel.
Goal:  To send 100 care packages to military service personnel in any area of operation.
Methodology:   Maximum impact for minimum cost. To provide a $12 care package internationally by leveraging the current United Sates Postal Service Priority Flat Rate $6 envelope.  USPS will send the package to CONUS based Army Post Offices (APO) and Fleet Post Offices (FPO) at current domestic rates.  From the domestic location the package hits the military postal system.  The end result is the shipment of a parcel internationally at domestic rates. Under the current structure $1.50 per pound is the total cost for worldwide airmail service  — that’s a great deal at only 9 cents per ounce!


Action Taken —  

INVENTORY: We obtain bulk package discounts from major retailers.  We scrutinize each bulk item as to individual weight and unit cost to reach the desired $12 item goal and the maximum allowable shipping weight of FOUR pounds.  The items we select have been requested by soldiers subject to postal restrictions and country of destination regulations (e.g. pork is prohibited in some countries).

PACKAGING: Once the items are in hand we package the items (typically food and toiletries) to minimize or eliminate breakage and/or cross contamination.  That is, we wrap the soap and peanut butter bars separately. Stuffing items in the socks provides excellent padding for a trip to the other side of the planet.  Once packaged we weigh the parcel to confirm that weight is just under four pounds.


PAPERWORK: We address the parcel to the soldier(s) of your choosing.  Plus we fill out the standard small packet customs forms, affix it to the package, and deliver said package to the local US Post Office where we pay for the shipping.  Once delivered to the APO/FPO, the parcel is subject to military transit schedules and its arrival with the soldier is completed in due course.


WHO WE ARE:  We are a non-profit virtual project interested in donating our time (customs forms, travel, packaging items, etc) and incidental monies (Etsy/Ebay & Paypal fees, gas, tape, supplies, etc) so that soldiers abroad may benefit from the good will, well wishes and charity found at home.  Twelve dollars goes directly to items for the troops and six dollars goes to the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope.

CONTENTS:  as of this writing all packages will be identical and contain the following:
Personal Items:  
Disposal Razor, 4 ea
Bar of Soap, 1 ea
Toothbrush, 1 ea
Ziploc brand freezer bag, 4 ea
Cotton socks, white, 1 pair
Personal Wipe, 1 ea
AA Battery, 2 ea
Hand/Foot warmers, 4 ea 

Fruit by the Foot, 1 ea
Peanut Butter cookie pack, 1 ea
Nuts, assorted, 1 ea
Non-Melting hard candy, misc assorted, as necessary 
Carnation instant breakfast, 1 ea
Aplet or Cotlet, 1 ea
Fruit bites package, 2 ea
As space or weight or substitution dictates:
Magazines and/or Stationery



Four simple steps will enable you to S.E.A.L. one or more packages as follows:

SEE something on this page that you wish to purchase.  We’ve made it easy as there’s only one item – a $12 bulk value care package under four pounds shipped internationally for $6. Total: $18


ENLIST your resources. If you’re under 18, please check with your parents before any further payment action.  However, if you have an older sibling serving in the Armed Forces then you have our permission to ask your parents to donate to our worthy cause. Previously, items could be addressed to “any soldier” but now the new security parameters require that we have an actual name and valid APO/FPO address. Perhaps you already have a child serving — active service members are a fantastic source of the names of those who might not have family or who simply might need a thankful taste of home in a long tour of active duty.

ACT affirmatively by committing to buy via Paypal.  If Christmas deadlines are looming, then we would like nothing more than to send as many parcels as possible before the holiday rush.

LET us know to whom to send the package after you have paid.  Anonymity is our default position — your identity will remain with us. At this point, no further action is required from you. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped to brighten the life of a soldier.  However, if you would like to include a message and/or your contact address then please do so in the PAYPAL section entitled “note to seller.”  We’ll include your message in the package.


To summarize we have developed a numerical moniker:  24 – 12 – 6 – 0
Approx 24 items more or less
for close to 12 dollars
shipped for 6 dollars
with ZERO BS.
 Thank you for your contribution. By doing so you make this  . . .

Packages Overseas Sent Securely & Immediately Because Liberty Endures